Why Labour failed in the local elections 2018

Why Labour failed in the local elections 2018
Why Labour failed in the local elections 2018

Labour failed in the local elections.

The Conservative party is not that popular, nor in truth is Theresa May.

As such Labour should have picked up seats like crazy. It should have been easy.

Yet they failed.

Some put the blame on the anti-semitism, and yes, this will have had an effect. The great problem was that for most of us on the outside, it seemed that Labour simply did nothing about it.

In deed this could be Labours great problem, is that it has many masters it seems to need to keep happy (Momentum, Unions and its members), while giving the feeling that the voting public are at the very very very bottom of the list.

One of the problems with Labour, is that its mainly a middle class party, with middle class MP’s, all claiming to be the party of the working class. They often seem to talk down to the working class and seem to believe that the working class want to live in council houses.

In truth the working class, wants to move upwards. There aims are not to live in mold ridden council flats but to own a nice house and have nice holidays.

This middle class ideology of some sort of modern soviet state in the UK is not what most people want.

To be honest, I like Jeremy Corbyn. He has values that I like, such as being vegetarian (like me), and is against nukes and a few other things. But at the same time, I feel he is ‘stuck’ in an ‘ideologist’ mind set. An ideology that feels so in the past.

Then we have Momentum, who some appear to be thugs. Some seem to have been bulling Labour MP’s. To me this seemed extreamly nasty.

Over the last few years, I have also seen Labour supporters even call Labour MP’s traitors and so on, if they dared compain about the Labour Party in any way.

In the last election I believed that Labour were to scrap university loans. I loved the idea. Then after the election, it was then stated this was a hope rather than something they were going to do (I felt coned like many).

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