The shame women have today in getting employment

The shame women have today in getting employment

One must feel great sadness for women getting employment these days.

It must be a degrading experience.

Its degrading because if your a women employed, you will never be certain that you were employed because you were the right person, or simply because you were female (and it looks good to employ women).

A few years ago, when people were not trying to prove that there firm was ‘politically correct’, at least women who were employed knew that they had been on there merits.

But today, women are placed in positions, often not on merit, but simply because they are female.

And so each day you go to work, not with pride, but with a certain amount of shame, knowing that you can never be 100% sure you was the best candidate.

Is this progress?

Surly its a step back.

I often see TV shows now, where the happy clappers say how wonderful it is that a women has got this or that job. No, its not wonderful. It will be wonderful when no one cares if someone is male or female in a role, or what percentage are male and female.

These days, when on the news, I see someone female employed into an important role, I cringe. I cringe because deep down (as I suspect most of us do) I wonder if its because she is a woman, rather than she is the best person for the job.

A few years ago, I worked for a very well known UK firm, and there were two women up for a managers position. One was quiet, but did her job extremely well. The other was a fat, rather stupid person, who had (because she was not too bright) broken the law (it was to do with data protection, and she did not know the laws around it). The fat women was given the managers job, and I found out why. A few days later I was in the lift with a senior manager, and she told me it was because it looked good, as she was fat too so it looked better for the firm. It meant that the smart one did not get the role that not only did she deserve, but she would have done a great job doing.

So if you are female, and have been employed in the last few years, do you feel pride?

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