The Happy Clappers

The Happy Clappers
The Happy Clappers

The Happy Clappers

Over the years I have often observed the ‘The Happy Clappers’.

I have called them the The Happy Clappers, as they love to go to events, to be seen to be ‘right on’.

Let me explain what I am on about.

A few years ago, they build the London Dome thing, for the millennium (2000). But they decided to fill it, not with great things to see, but rather dull ‘arty farty’ drivel. The event closed before it was due to. However I spoke to some who were, I would describe, the Happy Clappers, who told me how wonderful it all sounded. I realized at this point that there are many (often) middle class people who love to be seen at any event that made them look ‘politically correct’.

This week the Happy Clappers, were out in London, all wanting to be seen on TV to show how great they are. It was the Millicent Fawcett statue of suffragist unveiled. In truth, I have no knowledge of this lady, but from what I read, she was a clever and interesting lady. But, I suspect the truth is, most of the Happy Clappers, have not heard of her, but just wanted to be seen at the event. One thing to note, is, working class women have always worked, and one wonders if the suffragist’s or suffragette’s, gave a rats ass about the working class and if there aims were only for the middle class women. In deed one suspects that the so called ‘feminists’ of today have any care of the working class, as there talk seems to be only about the prospects of the middle class women.

As I write this, I see all over twitter, all the Happy Clappers, posting there ‘Millicent Fawcett  was so wonderful and inspirational’ posts, to outdo everyone else. They sure love to be seen to show how wonderful and how they are more moved by Millicent Fawcett and how seeing her statue has changed there lives, more than the next person who posts there deep oily words on twitter.

It was also fun to see all the politicians, making sure they were seen at this uncovering of the statue. Personally I hope you made a note who was there and not vote for these sycophants, who seem to regularly want to be seen at such events.

A quote by the artist who made this (Gillian Wearing) in the “I imagine how it must feel as a woman, walking around the most progressive city in the world and not seeing any examples of great women and the impact it has subconsciously. I want [more statues] celebrating women like Barbara Carson or Doreen Lawrence, who’s changed the course of history. Agatha Christie is known around the whole world so why isn’t she celebrated more in her own country? And they can’t be hidden away.” So the artist Gillian Wearing says she has to imagine, rather than feels its a problem? I presume that 99.9999% of women do not give a rats ass if the statues are male or female. I know I do not. They are just places for pigeons to poop on and where my dogs go for a wee. While the Happy Clappers are telling each other that this statue is ever so important, it is unlikely that anyone else will give a dam about this or indeed any other statue.

When the new Ghostbusters came out, the Happy Clappers were so excited. They went on and on how wonderful the film was, because it was a all female Ghostbusters. I watched TV shows were the Happy Clapping mum’s dragged there daughters to see the film, and stated things, such as it was ‘inspirational’.

The original Ghostbusters is one of my all time favorite films. When I heard there was a new film, I was excited. When it said all female Ghostbusters, I did not care, I was excited. BUT…. They then said it was just going to be basically a remake. It was at this point, I was sad. I was hoping for Ghostbusters part 3, or a brand new Ghostbusters. But a remake, not for me.

As such I have not seen the new Ghostbusters, and I do not think I will ever bother to watch it.

But this is the problem. I deeply suspect that the all new Ghostbusters was made for the Happy Clappers, to fulfill some ideology about females in a film. But this seems to have failed women, rather than be a positive thing (thanks to Happy Clappers). For years women have had lead roles in films, and been very witty. You can go back to the Laurel and Hardy films, where they had women in the films who were hysterical (Mae Busch, Dorothy Coburn, Anita Garvin, Jean Harlow, Jean ‘Babe London, plus many more). Then you have Doris Day, Goldie Hawn, Ellen DeGeneres, Whoopi Goldberg, Lucille Ball, Betty White, Bette Midler, Ruby Wax, and many many many more. You do not need to remake a film for women, that does not achieve anything.

I often am amused by the Happy Clappers (white middle classes) who love to go to events, such as the Notting Hill Carnival, and dance around. While the rest of the year, they would avoid the locals like the plague.

The problem with Happy Clappers, is that while often they wish to do good and be seen doing good, often I would suggest, they do no good at all. Sometimes I would suggest that the results of the Happy Clappers ends up harming people.

One last thought. The day we no longer talk about women’s achievements, is the day we have equality. Yet, the Happy Clappers love nothing more than to separate people into sex, race and religion. This, rather than being a way to make society equal, simply separates society up. Rather than allow women to achieve on there own merits, these Happy Clappers, say women are not as good as men, and cannot compete, so they need special help. Is that anything, but the most offensive way to treat women?



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