The bizarre online chats between Graham Linehan and Count Dankula

Count Dankula
Count Dankula

There seems to be a rather odd online chats between Graham Linehan and Count Dankula (via twitter).

Graham Linehan has been involved with a lot of comedy’s, including, one of my favorites, ‘Graham Linehan’.

In one show Father Ted ends up in a room full of Nazi memorabilia.

When I first herd about this Pug video on youtube, it was on The Wright Stuff (Channel 5), where one of the guests presenters stated it was good he was prosecuted, and she said look Tommy Robinson is stood next to him.

I have a feeling that with Tommy Robinson involved, it made it appear that Count Dankula may have been some right wing nut. Indeed I do not think Tommy Robinson was the ideal person to be defending Count Dankula.

However, I can only judge Count Dankula on his content (such as his vids and twitter posts), rather than on the company he associates himself with.

As such, my conclusion is that the pug vid, was no more than a joke. No more offensive (to me anyway) than the Farther Ted episode.

Of course some people may be offended by the vid, but people one finds are offended by everything. People (who have nothing better in there lives) will spend all day finding something to be offended by, in order to get some form of publicity.

The latest trend to be offended by is the ‘Cultural appropriation’, where people now claim that only certain people are allowed to were certain clothes. An example was a teenager who wore a dress at a prom. By the way, anyone who believes someone cannot wear a certain item of clothing, or have your hair in a certain way, or indeed wear a Halloween costume, just in case its not ‘Cultural appropriation’, should should see the Irony of telling people what they should and should not be doing, or dressing up in (its what the Nazi’s used to do).

But, I do find this rant Graham Linehan is having, rather bizarre.

By all means, Graham Linehan may not find the vid amusing, but to suggest that Count Dankula is this raciest as he seems to be posting on twitter (its how I am reading it anyway) seems rather bizarre.


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