#MeToo Has no meaning


The #MeToo has no meaning nor merit. It is simply a tool for lots of people to get lots of publicity on the backs of sexually abused women.

Sexually abusing women (or men) is wrong.

The stories are not new and have been around for years.

The problem is that a lot of people are now being victims, when a while ago they were not bothered.

What do I mean by this?

When I was 19, I was in a pub, with friends, when a drunk woman pinched my bottom. In truth it was not nice, but I carried on. I forgot about it. I am male by the way.

I suspect many people (both male and female) have experienced such as this themselves.

The trouble is with the #MeToo is that many of those who have experienced such events are trying to jump into the same ‘box’ as those who have been raped. Its a bit like someone stung by a bee, making out that they have been attacked in the same way as someone who has had there legs eaten by a crocodile.

There is a sense too that the #MeToo has been hijacked by feminists, for there own agenda or/and ideology.

As I type this, I had a quick look at twitter. One woman has posted how she is a #MeToo victim because someone posted a twitter post to her. And how she was let down by advice such as ‘block him’. [LINK] While its vile to send anyone anything nasty (please do not), she is hardly a rape victim. And should she be trying to get into the same box as those who have been raped?

Another posted “In case you were wondering, women are afraid to report violence and rape, because they think nobody will believe them.”, [LINK] and yes there is a problem with the whole reporting and going to court. But what has not helped is ALL the women who have reported rape, then turned out to have lied, but (in most cases) been let off. What we need is women to post that these women do harm, rather than pretend they do not exist.

“In case you were wondering, marriage doesn’t obligate a woman to submit to violence or rape.” [LINK]. I presume most people know that.

“First these pseudo feminist ruined feminism for all of us, who are looking to find a platform to talk about the prejudice against women (from women and men both) and now they are ruining this #metoo movement and talking against harassment for the real victims out there.” [LINK]

“Activists talk about #MeToo& demand end to sexism at Pride in Tokyo #TRP2018 #mybodymychoice #queerpower #TOKYONOHATE @tokyonohate.” [LINK] Using the #MeToo for a different issue.

The Big Questions @bbcbigquestions: @MikeBuchanan11 “I am not a fan of any feminist campaigns. The reality of #MeToo there’s always been plenty of actresses happy to jump on the casting couch. Women have huge sexual power and young women in particular will use this to go ahead of elder women.” [LINK]

The other problem with #MeToo and other such internet campaigns, is that they are lazy. In most cases all it involves is typing a few words on twitter, and that’s it. Its fast food. Its the lazy persons way of feeling important and that they have made an impact on the world (they have not).


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