Labour is the real nasty party

It is reported that Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi has downplayed the twitter posts, that Jewish MP’s have had in the last few months.

Labour, we are often told (often by Labour themselves), are a party of equality and so on.

But for all the speeches of equality, the party appears to have members or supporters that are no more than thugs.

First (slightly going of subject), lets not forget that Labour has not had any female leaders, while most other parties have or had. For example the Conservatives have had two female leaders (and both prime ministers), not to mention a female leader in there Scotish party. The Green party has a female leader. The big Scottish party (SNP) has a female leader. Plaid Cymru, has a female leader. DUP has a female leader. Sinn Féin has a female leader. And so on and on.

So lets look at just a few examples of abuse from members or supporters of the Labour party.

Angela Eagle had abuse, when she stood for leadership.

John Prescott, who was at the time, Deputy Prime Minister, had a punch up with a member of the public.

The vile Labour women blocking trans people.

All the anti-Semitic abuse that’s been sent on Twitter and other social media.

On the death of Margaret Thatcher, some Labour MP’s, supporters and members, were saying vile things, such as death to the witch. Some felt the need to insult family, friends, supporters of Margaret Thatcher, but acting in a disgusting way at the funeral procession.

We often see demonstrations from many on the Left, turn violent.

These are just a few examples we see from supporters and/or members of Labour.

And often the response is from Labour or those heavily connected to Labour, is the same drivel about how Labour needs to change, or this is fake news by the news, or simply try to divert the problem by ranting on about something else.

I read a rather amusing post on twitter, where someone stated that Labours response to the abuse was a bit like this:

  • Person: Help, my house is on fire.
  • Fire Station: We oppose all forms of fire.
  • Person: Are you on your way, my house is burning.
  • Fire Station: You keep saying your house. Why do you not talk about other houses that may be on fire?
  • Person: My house is on fire.
  • Fire Station: Is it on fire, or are you just trying to make us look bad?
  • Person: Its your job to put it out.
  • Fire Station: Yet you do not mention the ambulance service dealing with the fire.
  • Person: My house is burning.
  • Fire Station: We are against all forms of fire.

I am not sure where this came from, but it suggests its directly or indirectly from David Bennun.

However, as an observer, the above does seem to be how Labour deals with things.


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