Is one reason Labour are in a mess, is because they have become a religion of sorts?


I write this simply as an observer.

In Ireland the Catholic church became all powerful, and as such was seen as ‘perfect’ as such, no one could believe anyone who was connected to it could do wrong. While one presumes most people who were part of the Catholic church, were in deed good people, some were not. Such as priests and nuns, many were good, but some used there power for abuse.

The Catholic church, seems to have in the past tried to cover up any abuses, and pretended they were not happening. One suspects that they would fear if these abuses came to light, it would damage the church.

In recent years, the Catholic church seems to have admitted its faults and abuses.

The result, it would seem is that the Catholic church, no longer has the same power in Ireland. However this may be for the church, a good thing, as it seems now to be a more friendly place. The current pope (Pope Francis), seems a very nice chap, and even someone who has no religious beliefs, or any connection to the Catholic church, would go and see him, if he ever came to the UK.

I refer to Ireland, as it was (this is my observation, so I may be wrong) very religious, towards the Catholic church (I am not sure it still is).

The abuses I refer to were both sexual, physical and mental abuse.

I would suggest that one reason a few nuns were abusive, was simply that they became nuns, when they felt they were supposed to, but found it was not for them, and resentment, turned to abuse.

The reason why I have first talked about the Catholic church, is that I see a lot of similarities between what went on in how the Catholic church handled the abuse and how Labour is today, treating the abuse.

Many have joined Labour as they believe Labour is all good. In fact I would go as far as saying they see Labour as perfect. So by definition they cannot see Labour, or Labour members/supporters, as doing wrong. Also I would suggest that those who support Labour believe they are always correct, and so any abuse or even violence they engage in, is for the greater good.

Many boast how they joined Labour as they did so to show they are kind and caring.

This then creates a problem, as people do not then wish to see something they believe in, could possibly have faults.

The result is, I would suggest to you, is that people then simply go into denial about the situation, rather than face up to things.


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