I was listening to Comedian, Joe Lycett talk about being Heterosexual.

I thought he made a very interesting point.

Often the word Heterosexual tends to mean, being attracted to a person of the opposite sex.

However he points out that, in the true meaning, this would mean your attracted to everybody of the opposite sex.

While he points out, that the range of people your attracted to is limited.

By this, I mean you may be attracted to people with a certain look, rather than everybody of the opposite sex you ever meet.

I thought I would just make a note of it, as its something I may think about at a later day.

One thought too is that when we talk about sexual orientation, it is often I presume based on sex.

Lets for instance take people who claim to be Bisexual.

Its probable that most people are Bisexual to a certain degree, however that may not mean everyone wants sex with the same sex, but merely has thought about it, or has fantasies about it.

However even with those who engage in Bisexual sex, one wonders how many can and do have Bisexual love.

There seems to be for fewer people who claim to have Bisexual sex, who also claim to fall in love with both males and females. Often the persons they love tend to always be male or female, through life.

Love itself is also interesting. One would presume that logically that if you fall in love with a person, and one day they feel they need to change sex, then even after the transition, one would presume they would still be in love. If one spits with there partner after the change, one wonders if they were ever truly in love in the first place, as they are still the same person. Indeed some will stay together, while others will split up.

One thing too I have often noted in recent years, is that many people appear to get married, simply because others are. Many seem to not be in love. Many also seem to have children simply because everyone else has.

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