50 Years On: Rivers of Blood

50 Years On: Rivers of Blood

Link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09z08w3

I have listened to this rather interesting speech.

Unlike what all the people who wanted this to be banned/censored claimed, I have not today woken up, and become a racist. I have not seen in the news where the world ended, as many seemed to suggest it would.

What I found interesting is how much of this speech seemed to have the same arguments used as that who were promoting Brexit, before the Brexit referendum. I remember how UKIP seemed to go on about the fear of immigration, and how being on a train where someone did not speak English was scary.

This speech was given April 1968. I say this as I a child in the 1970’s, it was clear to me that a lot of the immigration ‘nastiness’ was about poverty. This is to say what was noticeable was people were not against the people who were first or second generation immigrants, but the fact they were poor. And I remember people being against immigrants moving into the same street as them as they considered that immigrants only lived in poor areas. It was a sort of snobbery. As over the years those immigrant families have gained wealth, we no longer see this as a problem.

What is interesting is this pattern repeats itself time after time with new immigrants, such as the Polish, who again are seen to be moving into what is considered poor areas.

From listening to the speech by Enoch Powell, my feeling is, his belie was that people would never integrate, and remain in segregation. However people have integrated, and we often see mixed communities. We also see families that have mixed heritage, and this is so common that its not noticeable. While in the 1960’s, and 1970’s one suspects that if people from different backgrounds married, there would have been problems at home (other family members would have possibly objected), today one suspects, no one would care.

In my own life, I would say even in 1980’s, and possibly up to the 1990’s, people were not as integrated as they are today. In today’s world, things are so different to even of that of the 1970’s that I knew as a child, that it seems a lifetime ago.

One aspect though of the speech, that should not be ignored is the bit about the old lady, feeling uncomfortable with change, and simply written off as a raciest and ignored. This we see in modern times, where if people feel there is a problem, they are often ignored and dismissed, even if the problem is real or not. For instance, in modern times, we have only just seen Henry Vincent, a burglar who was stabbed to death by a pensioner protecting himself. The family of Henry Vincent have described themselves as travelers. And in-doing so, seem to be allowed to have intimidated the locals by insisting on putting flowers up in the street. One wonders (or should one say feels) that the reason they are allowed to ‘get away’ with doing so, is because they are saying they are travelers, and so the police seem to be allowing it.

In other examples, we see ‘yobs’ around the UK, making lives a misery for people. But often we see politicians when confronted about this, rather than deal with the issue, or even at very least face up to it, will waffle the usual drivel of how most youths are not trouble makers and we need to invest more, and any other excuse they have to not deal with things.

People who are ignored, or feel ignored, or dismissed as a raciest when there feelings/beliefs are ignored or/and dismissed will seek out those who may supply them with the answer, even if the answer is extreme and not even workable.

However, let us not forget, that in the UK, the ‘raciest’ parties have always had and still do very little support.

In general one suspects most people in the UK or not raciest. In one wonders if one could put forward the argument that the working class, are even less raciest and more integrated than the middle class (who often pretend to be ever so right on and politically correct) due to the fact that in there area where they live, families tend to be far more integrated, while the middle class one could suggest tend to keep to themselves (as in there own families and not mix with anyone).

But let us not ignore or dismiss peoples concerns as simply being raciest. Lets not be scared to discuss issues. In deed some of these issues may simply be presumed. In recent years UKIP seemed to spread the belief that immigrants were simply coming to the UK to take money out of the UK, while what appears to be the truth is immigrants have in fact generated for more money for the UK. But also too, let us not sit smug by thinking in today’s UK that the big political parties are immigration friendly, as over the last few years, I have at several times seen and heard both on TV and the radio, politicians from ALL parties, try to win votes by saying they wish to curb immigration and how some immigrants are working for less and this and that (often said without evidence, and used to promote the belief immigrants are the course of all problems). In fact there are aspects of this speech that I have heard modern politicians make, in recent years.

The problem is, often to win votes, immigrants are an easy target, and get the blame for all of  problems (if your not employed, one suspects a politician will claim its because an immigrant took your job, even though you never applied for it, and spend all day playing on your X Box).

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