19 – Going to try to be Vegan from May 2018

19 – Going to try to be Vegan from May 2018

This is a diary to myself, more than anything.

I am and have been vegetarian for many years.

But I now plan to go full Vegan diet.

So I am making a tiny diary to encourage myself.

I recorded this walking past a farm with Lambs in. I can never understand why anyone would want to eat these poor babies. It devastates me to think they may be eaten, and how one day they will have to stand in line knowing that they will be put to death in a slaughterhouse.

The cruelty I see put on animals is unberable.

And the scum that kill animals for fun, and get no more than a telling off, I find devastating.

Years ago, people would for certain crimes, get hung, drawn and quartered. That would still be too nice a way to die for the scum that harm animals.