15 – Socialism is the toy of the middle class

15 – Socialism is the toy of the middle class

Notes I made for myself:

Socialism is the toy of the middle class

Labour tends to be (if not always) a middle class party that claims to be for the working class.

In reality what you have is a lot of middle class who believe they should tell the working class what to do.

The middle class love to feel power over the working class by controlling them.

Socialism is a tool to control the working class.

There was a time that the working class was a proud class, full of hard workers.

The working class often wanted to improve there life and life of there children.

But this socialism we have in the UK has turned people from a working class to a underclass.

Today many thousands of people are now born into a life of benefits, and rely on the state for everything.

Many are born into rotten mouldy council flats built on the cheap.

There parents live and rely on state benefits.

In turn they grow up to ignore education, but simply learn to do what it takes to get benefits.

Rather than seek employment, many girls will opt to simply have children even if they do not want them, and by doing so gain many benefits including a council house. Indeed these girls are social engineered to become baby making machines in order to get the most benefits they can.

Children grow up, and with a feeling of no prospects simply self medicate often on cigarettes, junk food, drugs and alcohol.

With low confidence, many also turn to petty crimes. Due to learning how to operate the law and get away with things, these crimes escalate, while often at most serving a few months in prison, only to come out and be rewarded with a flat and more benefits.

As these people often live together in what is often known as sink estates, they are encouraged by others to carry on as they are, rather than improve there lives.

Due to poor diet and lack of exercise and self medication of drugs, the result is many end up in the health system, where again they are encouraged to be sick in order to gain more benefits. In deed go into any NHS hospital and the greatest amount of users tend to be the poor.

The result of this can be seen with such as the gang killings in London.

The middle class then use socialism to dictate and debate how we should deal with these people. Many enjoy becoming such as social workers where they can go out and have these ‘poor’ as pets, for the poor to become dependent upon them. It gives many middle class a feeling of great power over such people. Knowing as they do that they are so dependent on them that they will never improve, gain a decent job, and remain stuck in the same position, generation after generation.

While would the middle class who love this socialism toy, ever want it for themselves? Of course not, many will make sure there children get the best education they can.

This is the world I see each day.

On one side I see the middle class do well, and live well.

And on the other, people trapped in poverty, social engineered to have to always be reliant on benefits and the state. Many end up depressed and self medicate on drink and drugs, and eat badly until there health decreases till they end up in the health system and on benefits due to poor health.

And those who go to prison, often to do a short sentence, then rewarded with a flat and more benefits, which in turn are in many cases spent on drink and drugs.

As I type this, only yesterday visiting a friend on a council estate, a moped driven by a child was driven past us, and the boy riding the moped illegally (he looked about 14) had 2 girls on the back (also about 14). Indeed go to any council estate and you can see both children and adults committing crime in public, and without fear of the police or courts.

And yet there will be many middle class who will defend there beloved socialism and claim that these are a minority of people, and most need benefits and so on.

But as you read this, there are many many people who will be living in fear of the thugs and scum that have been produced by this experiment.

Perhaps things have gone too far to ever improve.

Many now see leaving the UK for a better and safer life in other countries as the only option.